Plate Set 的選項:
1. Flower Aurore Plate Medium
2. Fruit Plate S
3. Fruit Plate M
4. Garden of Angel S
5. Garden of Angel M
6. Vintage Lamb S
7. Walk Together S
8. Walk Together M

購買Plate Set 程序
1️⃣ 把 'Plate Set (Choose 4)' 放入購物車
2️⃣ 於以上碟子選任何4款 (或同款) 並放入購物車 (共5個項目在購物車)
3️⃣ 按checkout,然後在'order summary' 找discount code 欄
4️⃣ 輸入'plateset'
5️⃣ 按apply

Procedure in Buying 'Plate Set'
1️⃣ Put the 'Plate Set (Choose 4)' in the cart
2️⃣ Choose any 4 plates from above in this 'Plate Set' collection
3️⃣ Press checkout and find 'order summary' for the discount code column
4️⃣ Input 'plateset'
5️⃣ Press 'apply'

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