工作變得乏味? 😳來自製點樂趣吧!😬


如何為每天的工作增添樂趣?「苦樂全在主觀的心」,但這「心」也受點客觀的事情影響😝;跟朋友共進一頓美味大餐🍴、一次盡情的'Happy Hours'暢飲等🍸🍻,可以是當日最精彩的時刻。

而有時,一個有心思的裝扮💅🏻,也能為千篇一律的每天,帶來與別不同的樂趣,不再只是拖着軀體去上班🙈;跟同事、朋友約定Dress Code上班或放工飯聚,能讓每天多點期待🙆


獨特細緻的Step Jeans Black,配上「趕時間妙藥」Ribbed Wrap Top易穿易襯,再加上925 Silver Golden Half Sphere Earrings便耳珠👂🏻明亮起來,而頸子也可以925 Silver Chain on Chain Necklace去點綴,說不定即引來同事讚賞一番,讓一天美好地展開。

或以簡單剪裁的Side Pocket Two Tone Dress配上有踭的Toffee Heel Mules925 Silver Elegant Twist Earrings Small,讓BLUE MONDAY重拾靈魂👻。


Dull working days? Lets make some fun!😆

Even there're challenges💪🏻, passion and goals👣in your job most of the time, still, its kind of repetitive and bored sometimes.

How you take and see things matters more than the things themselves;But the things can still change your mind;a sumptuous meal with friends 🍴and a few shots in Happy Hours🍸🍻 count a lot for your day!

Sometimes dressing up 💅🏻could make your day too! A dress code set with your colleagues and friends would be something to expect.

WHOAMI has taken all these into account in this latest collection at the theme of FUN AT WORK💁

The detailed Step Jeans Black is going well with the Ribbed Wrap Top, and your lobes 👂🏻could be brightened up with our 925 Silver Golden Half Sphere Earrings too! And don't leave your neck! It could be adorned with the 925 Silver Chain on Chain Necklace too!

The simple cut Side Pocket Two Tone Dress looks good with the Toffee Heel Mules on your feet and 925 Silver Elegant Twist Earrings Small on your lobes! Simply get your soul back on the BLUE MONDAY!

The FUN at work, can be simply made when you are planning for your outfits and make up on your bed at the night before work!😝
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