“Live Without Breathing” 系列啟發自日本藝術家深堀隆介,他在人生最潦倒的時候,看着家中養了八年的金魚在渾濁的水缸中仍游得自在優雅。啟發了他縱然在失落的時候,仍然要自強,努力活出自己。 他利用多層的透明樹脂和顏料,創作出栩栩如生的立體金魚畫。在他眼中,每一條金魚都擁有獨特的氣息,自在地游著。 我因而被感動。 在很多人眼中,時裝只是一件衣服,但我在創作過程中用心地將生命力注入每一件作品,令他們不只是好看,更是擁有生命和力量的衣服。 於是,我在工作室養了五條金魚,透過不斷觀察,把金魚的一些美態注入系列當中。 我期待穿著上這系列的大家,除了穿得自在好看,亦能找到自己喜愛的東西,注入生命力,提醒自己活在當下,盡情地活出自己。


Charlotte is a Hong Kong designer brand. It was established in 2019.


From music, art, social roles, to nature inspiration, Charlotte encourages self-expression.

Through the shapes and details of the clothes, it brings out the inner thoughts, reflections and attitudes of women in society and themselves. Giving limitless imaginations to women expressing themselves confidently and truly.

The brand design focuses on elegant tailoring design, with different metal accessories, starting from feminine beauty, to become a unique personality.

Charlotte Ng was graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in Fashion Design. She has worked as womenswear designer - international labels for more than 10 years. She was awarded Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2018 – Second Runner up and Best Footwear Design Award.

Through our limitless imaginations, we create.

May this collection stimulate your emotions, as if it had triggered mine.



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