猛烈的陽光☀️帶來紫外線和汗水,令人不想作太多打扮; 但計我地話,如其討厭佢,倒不如享受出汗,一起浸淫於夏日之中,輕鬆簡單的配搭也可別出心裁


去海灘既朋友~ 一件Leopard Ribbon Dress,入面配上High Waist Bikini,踢對拖鞋加副超,輕鬆簡單暢泳一番;

出入商場或乘車的雪櫃空間時,披件Colour Patch Scarf讓色彩更豐富;返工穿上Light Wide Leg Pants BrownColour Edge Knit Vest Black,外面加件Structure Linen Jacket,一冷一熱也不用怕

大家準備好投入盛夏懷抱未啊,ARE U READY ❗️

Are you ready to IMMERSE IN THE SUMMER

☀️is gonna make us SWEATPut on the sun block and get your colourful outfits ready! Frustrated to dress yourself up in these HOT days? No worries, a simple mix and match could make a difference

Going on a beach party? A piece of Leopard Ribbon Dress with High Waist Bikini, plus a pair of slippers and sunglasses would be your pick!

Freezing malls or transports? Put on our Colour Patch Scarf to make some colours;A pair of Light Wide Leg Pants Brown + Colour Edge Knit Vest Black with Structure Linen Jacket would be your working outfits in your hectic schedule.

Lets Immerse in this SUMMER

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